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The Tapestry Collection

The rich Tapestry Collection of Atelier 61 gives a realistic overview of events in the history of the development of this visual medium from the perspective of contemporary times. Different poetics and aesthetic values in service of decorative concept that only tapestry has, are a result of half a century long collaboration with great number of authors of different vocations: painters, sculptors, ceramicists, tapestry artists, textile designers, costume designers, scenographers…, artists of fine arts and applied arts.

In that senses the Tapestry Collection has over 260 pieces amongst which are the works of: Boško Petrović, Milan Konjović, Stojan Ćelić, Dragutin Cigarčić, Ankica Oprešnik, Jagoda Bujić, Nada Poznanović-Adžić, Nada Mančić, Jadranka Simonović, Mateja Rodići, Branislav Subotić and many others.

Different visions and different themes and motifs – from figurative scenes and real world shapes and expressionist manner, descriptive or abstract role of elements of fine art emphasised by plastic and coloristic values, all the way to a concise visual message, sign or symbol, reflections mimicking installation, all that was acquired in the Tapestry Collection of Atelier 61.
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