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The Tapestry Making Workshop

The workshop of Atelier 61 is the core of our activity and existence. The making of tapestry entails expertise, meticulous and time consuming work. The exquisite work of craftswomen weavers- master specialists in artistic tapestry weaving, which have the status of co-authors since they weave after the cartoons of artists – artists’ templates, and in such manner interpret the artistic vision and idea, has resulted in 900 tapestries produced in our workshop. Weaving of tapestries is done on vertical looms that enable the production of large dimensions. During the creative work, weavers construe and interpret the ideas of artists, using their own unique manner of weaving and typical techniques and their combinations with delicate materials such as wool, cotton, and hemp, silk...

In Atelier 61, a special relationship between the author and the maker, that is, between the artist and the weaver, who educate and complement each other in the process of getting to know the attributes of tapestry as a medium, is being nurtured.